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StudyWide is a Global Language Community of over 10,000 students, teachers and language schools who all share one goal which is to be the top language resource and provider in the world
As a global language community, we aim to provide the most reliable information that can be used by our members as they continue their language learning journey. Our mission is to be the meeting ground of language students and educators who are looking for fun and convenient ways to connect, collaborate, share knowledge, get assistance for school homework and research, as well as help others with their learning needs.
With StudyWide, you can choose from over 60 languages to learn, extend your reach to over 80 countries in the world and find language students, teachers and Language schools efficiently. You can also easily gain access to excellent employment opportunities from around the world with our connections with language schools and recruitment agencies.

Bringing Global Success through Innovative learning with our Social Platform

Studywide offers a unique learning platform for students, tutors and Language Centers. Our goal is to provide the most reliable source of effective tutors and language schools that can help language students reach their goals in their study.
We aim to provide a reliable resource for language tutors in education, bring relevant study information through its newsfeed and study connections feature where students, tutors, and parents develop a new approach in learning effectively. Studywide is an open global network for language learning which gives people the chance of learning not just in their area but also in any part of the world. This language platform is designed to benefit people in their learning through interacting with other people around the world.

Where everyone believes you can do more

Studywide aims to develop skills and confidence. Through this learning tool, you can join Language exchange, connect with students and tutors and practice through online lessons.
Studywide also provides an innovative way where students and educators can collaborate efficiently by utilizing our social platform for learning. We aim to encourage and build a global study network by establishing connections between students and educators around world. Learning language becomes easier when it is fun and interactive. Studywide makes sure you're connected throughout your learning journey.


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