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    $15.00 / 30 Mins Excellent (27.67)           English
    I live in Los Angeles California and have taught for 15 years. I teach all levels. I also teach writing and test courses - TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS. I have experienc..
    $10.00 / 30 Mins Excellent (34.67)           English    
    I have recently completed a Master's of Science in Conflict Analysis & Resolution at George Mason University with a 3.68 GPA. I currently am pursuing a PhD degree at the ..
    $15.00 / 30 Mins Very_Good (4.45)           Chinese (Mandarin )    
    Hi, my name is Ying-Chun, live in Taipei,Taiwan. Certificated for Chinese teaching, can help you with Chinese Madarin, both tranditional and simplifed / pingying and zhuying..
    $3.00 / 30 Mins Excellent (6.60)           English    
    In my experience teaching ESL, I've taught Koreans and Japanese for a bit more than 3 years both face to face and online. I specialized in TOEFL/IELTS writing durin..
    $8.00 / 30 Mins Excellent (14.95)           Spanish    
    Pura vida!! como estan, Soy Karla de Costa Rica, Me encantaria ayudarte con tu pronunciacion y conversacion en espanol.. te espero.... Hi Im Karla From Costa Rica, I have..
    $7.00 / 30 Mins Very_Good (4.17)           Spanish
    Hello, I am a Spanish teacher. I have more than 12 years of experience. I would love to teach you with your Spanish!
    $7.00 / 30 Mins Excellent (16.87)           English
    With over 5 years of experience teaching students from 53 nations. I bring a robust skill set for your students. I am adept at classroom, 1 on 1, and mixed media settings for gen..
    $7.00 / 30 Mins Excellent (9.15)           English     Tagalog
    -Conversation Classes
    $15.00 / 30 Mins Excellent (15.51)           English
    Hello, I am an engaged and punctual educator with several years teaching experience, a life-long learner, and am well educated in the field of education. I am also a..
    $6.00 / 30 Mins Very_Good (5.24)           English
    I am patient and I love to assist people who are eager to learn. I always value my work, especially when it comes to teaching. I like writing and I have my own blog. I like to re..
    $10.00 / 30 Mins Excellent (42.41)           English    
    Hi! My name is Erik and I'm an English tutor. If you have an upcoming exam, need help with writting or anything related to English, I willl be glad to help! Please do not hes..
    $4.00 / 30 Mins Good (3.21)           English     Tagalog
    Hello Everyone! I am looking forward to meet enthusiastic people here and be able to help you learn English, Tagalog, and Cebuano. I am a licensed secondary teacher and i..
    $10.00 / 30 Mins Excellent (84.86)           English
    I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities from Marylhurst College and became certified as a Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from Oxford S..
    $10.00 / 30 Mins Excellent (22.75)           English
    Dear Sir/Madam, I am interested in applying for this teaching position. I just recently completed my online TESOL Diploma and the 50hr. practicum teaching ESL students..
    $3.00 / 30 Mins Very_Good (5.29)           English
    I really enjoy teaching and helping others. I have always been fascinated with the japanese culture and language. My dream is to finish my degree so that I may work in japan as a..
    $2.00 / 30 Mins Good (3.01)           English    
    $4.50 / 30 Mins Good (3.26)           English     Tagalog
    Hi. My name is Joy, I am an ESL Teacher. I taught Koreans for 6 years from 2009 up to present online and offline. My hobbies are reading, watching movies and cooking. I..
    $10.00 / 30 Mins English
    $5.00 / 30 Mins English
    Hello! I'm Hardy, I'm a certified TESOL teacher with more than 3 years of English teaching experience to students of different nationalities. Teaching has always been my ..
    $10.00 / 30 Mins English
    I currently teach conversational English at a downtown college specializing in health, business and technology; furthermore, with my TESL diploma, my on-going E-tutor, in-cl..
    $20.00 / 30 Mins Good (3.58)           English
    My personal strengths are my discipline, ability to learn new and more skills, leadership, hardworking and self-confidence. Having discipline is the ability to gain control by obe..
    $12000.00 / 30 Mins Poor (1.03)           Cantonese     Chinese (Mandarin )    
    hello , i come from China ,i am very glad to work in China
    $10.00 / 30 Mins Good (2.17)           Tagalog    
    Hi! Im Melanie Vallega, 21 years old, single with 1 child. Undergraduate taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education Major In english.
    $8.00 / 30 Mins Good (3.34)           Spanish    
    I'm a native Spanish speaker from Costa Rica, I really enjoy to teach Spanish to people around the world, I live in a very tourist country so I always find someone from ..
    $7.00 / 30 Mins Poor (1.06)           Spanish    
    Hello! Hola!   I’m a Latin American woman, and I love challenges. I think life is an awesome adventure. These are some characteristics of myse..
    $20.00 / 30 Mins Excellent (22.88)           English
    Hello, . I was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea until I moved to the states at the age of 12 and I've been living in the states since then. I c..
    $10.00 / 30 Mins Excellent (11.25)           English     Spanish
    I am a mexican girl with 6 years of experience teaching Spanish and English. I really enjoy knowing different cultures and getting involved with the progress of each student whil..
    $10.00 / 30 Mins Good (3.20)           Spanish    
    I’ve been working for the past 10 years as a Project and Relationship Manager and technical designer in the Learning and Development area. During that time I developed myse..
    $7.00 / 30 Mins Good (2.51)           English    
    Hello My name is Claire, and I have been working with children and young adults, for over approximately 15 years. My most recent teaching experience was in Shanghai, Chin..
    $5.00 / 30 Mins Poor (0.22)           English     Spanish    
    Hello there, my wife and I love languages. In the past we did some translation work (Spanish-Engllish) . We love to learn other languages as well. Maybe we can share the little e..


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